Ang Lee wins best director Oscar for Life of Pi

    Ang Lee has won the 85th Academy Award for best director for
   his “Life of Pi.” It’s the second Oscar for Lee, who won in 2006 for
   “Brokeback Mountain.” He was also nominated in 2000 for
   directing “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

   Lee won for his adaptation of Yann Martel's Life of Pi, a 3D
spiritual fable about a boy who is stranded at sea with a 
Bengal tiger.                                                   (The Guardian)

   李安的少年 Pi 的奇幻漂流為他贏得第85屆奧斯卡最佳導演獎。
   這是他繼 2005年斷背山」後的第二座奧斯卡獎。他在 2000 年也

   李安得獎的 3D 電影改編自揚馬特爾的小說「少年 Pi 的奇幻漂流
   這是一個宗教寓言, 描述一個男孩和一隻孟加拉虎困在海上的故事。


   nominate   (v.) 提名

   adaptation   (n.) 改編

   spiritual   (a.) 宗教的

   fable   (n.) 寓言

   strand   (v.) 擱淺; 處於困境



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   Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you movie god.

   I really need to share this with all three thousand, everybody worked with me in
   life of Pi. I wanna thank you for... I really wanna thank you for believing the story
   and sharing this incredible journey with me.

I need to thank Yann Martel for writing this incredibly inspiring book. Everyone at
   Fox, thank you for taking the leap with me, especially Tom Rothman, Jim
   Gianopulos, and Elizabeth Gabler. My producers, Gil Netter, David Womark,
   David Lee. One of our cast, Suraj, where are you? You're a miracle. He is playing
   the young Pi, carrying the movie. Everyone of you in the cast, I cannot waste this
   time talking about them. You are the golden statue in my heart.

   I cannot make this movie without the help of Taiwan. We shot there. I want to
   thank everybody there helped us, especially the city of Taichung. My Indian crew,
   I love you. My Canadian crew, I love you. My family in Taiwan, my wife, Jane Lin -
   we'll be married 30 years this summer - I love you. My boys, Haan and Mason,
   thank you for your support. Finally, my agent Karen --, lawyer, Eric Shrek, Jody
   Parlow. I have to do that. Especially for this movie, it's great to have your support.
   Thank you, Academy. 謝謝. Namaste.

   其他電影相關新聞和影片請點  少年 Pi 的奇幻漂流 
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