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   電影哈利波特: 死神的聖物上映
   也意味著主角們將告別這個魔法世界  "登大人" 
  Daniel Radcliffe ready to move on


   Journalist: The film has been divided into two films. 
                         Is that the right decision for fans and the

   Daniel: Definitely. Had we tried to make this into one film? 
                 There would be so much cut. 
                 So much important stuff would have to be cut.   
                 We would have to change the story, rephrase
                 the story totally
to make it into one film. 
                 So the right decision has definitely to be made. 

   丹尼爾說他們有嘗試要把它拍成一部, 但會刪掉許多重要片段
   這樣會改寫整個故事, 所以拍成兩部是正確的決定

   Journalist: How much will you miss this huge part of your life?
   Daniel: It has been a huge part of my life. 
                 I think I'll always look back with the fantastic memories. 
                 Ten years of a character is a long time.
                 I'm ready to move on as well.

   給者問丹尼爾是否會懷念這佔他生命很大的一部分 (指拍片)
   他回答這一直是他生活中很大的一部份, 他會常回想過往美好的回憶

   Emma: It's unreal. I can't believe it. 
                 There are fans out there from Sweden, from America,
                 from all over the world to stand in the corner again.
                 It's just incredible. 
                 We're trying to make sure every film betters
                 then the last.
And I think this film is no exception. 
                 And so when fans come to see a movie, they expect 
                 it's gonna be more intense, it's gonna be darker,

   艾瑪: 這很不真實, 我不敢相信
             有很多來自瑞典, 美國, 世界各地的粉絲, 很不可思議
             我們確保每部電影超越上一部, 我想這部片也不例外
             所以當粉絲來看電影時, 他們期待影片更緊張. 更黑暗也更有趣
   Journalist: How much will you miss this?
   Emma: That would be a hole in my heart, which will need to be  
with something else.
                 Goodbye is hard, but beginnings are exciting too. 
   她說, 這將是她心裡一個很大的洞, 必須要其他東西來填補
   跟這部片說再見很困難, 但開始新的階段也很令人興奮
   Journalist: You must be thrilled that all the fans you still have. 
   Rupert: Yeah, it amused me that each year they all turn up
They seem to grow as well. 
                  It's amazing to see them. It's been fun.
                  I've really enjoyed it.
I don't have any regrets.
                  It's the most amazing ten years.  

   他說他很開心這些粉絲每年都來, 他們似乎也長大了
   拍片很有趣, 他一直很享受, 他沒有任何遺憾, 這是最令人驚喜的十年

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   (原文登於 11/30, 2010)
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