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   Is 13 year-old Flynn McGarry the next hot chef? 

   At 10 years old, Flynn McGarry became sick of the meals his
   mother cooked for him. So he started making his own dinners.   

   Flynn began making a name for himself in the culinary world
   when John
Sedlar, owner of the trendy restaurant, let Flynn
   take over the kitchen for a special nine-course meal, which
   sold out almost instantly.

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   Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. teamed up Saturday to sing at the
   Golden Melody Awards, the first time the trio has performed
as a group since its member Selina suffered serious burns in
   an accident in 2010.

The pop stars sang their hit song "Shero" together to a
   roaring crowd. They then shouted "Hi everyone, we are

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   Mayday biggest winner at Golden Melody Awards

Taiwanese rock band Mayday on Saturday nabbed six major
   awards at the Golden Melody Awards. Mayday won the Best
   Mandarin Album, Best Band, Best Album Producer, Best
   Music Arranger, Best Composer, and Best Song of the Year
   with its eighth album "Second Round." 

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   Anne's English Cafe "玩桌遊學英文" 活動獲得廣大迴響
活動玩的是派對遊戲 Say Anything (暢所欲言)


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   Snow White and the Huntsman

   以下是預告片, 其台詞與單字解說

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